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Our Commitment

At Hunter Vision we’re dedicated to your visual freedom. Our world-class surgeons perform LASIK, ICL, RLE and Cataract Surgery so you can see more clearly—and live more simply.

Our Surgeons

Joel Hunter MD

Joel Hunter MD

Dr. Hunter founded Hunter Vision because there wasn’t another practice that did refractive surgery the exact way he thinks it should be done: perfectly, transparently, and kindly. He is obsessed with detail, honest to a fault, and can be heard laughing loudly with patients during clinic hours. Dr. Hunter specializes in LASIK, ICL and Laser Cataract Surgery.

Barrett Eubanks MD

Barrett Eubanks MD

Dr. Eubanks is the latest to join the Hunter Vision surgical team. An Ivy League education and incredible surgical skills often create a divide between doctor and patient in the world of medicine. However, Dr. Eubank’s ability to connect with patients and deliver incredible results is the stuff of legend. He specializes in LASIK and Cataract surgery.

Personalized Vision Correction



LASIK is the most recognizable form of vision correction, and it’s earned the honor. Quick, painless, and stunningly accurate, it is better than ever now with the newest technology.

Visian® ICL

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The Visian® ICL is an implantable lens that permanently corrects vision. It has the speed and immediate recovery of LASIK and can give even better vision for some candidates.


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After age 50, both near and distance vision need correction. While LASIK can do this, refractive lens exchange can be an even better option to provide lifelong clearer vision.


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While cataracts are inevitable over enough time, laser cataract surgery can give us a silver lining bigger than the cloud. It can be a chance to correct near and distance vision for life.

Some Happy Patients

“Running a half marathon is much easier when you can actually see. Thank you to my surgeon and all the staff at Hunter Vision for making that happen for me. It was only two weeks earlier that I was wearing bifocals!

Nicoleta RLE Patient

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“My husband had very poor vision and had worn contact lenses and glasses since he was 8-years-old. He now has better than 20/20 vision and raves about Hunter Vision. Thank you to my surgeon and all the staff at Hunter Vision. We’d do it 100 times over again!

Laura Diaz DJ, XL106.7

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Laura Diaz
“I was absolutely thrilled with the LASIK procedure I got from Hunter Vision and can see wonderfully now. I met with both surgeons and they were both able to answer every question I had with confidence and professionalism.

Kirk LASIK Patient

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From the Hunter Vision Blog

On Wisdom and Cataracts

Truth be told, there is no reason to pair “wisdom” and “cataracts” other than the fact that they are both more likely to be found in a generation that was alive during the Eisenhower administration. It just seemed like this title was more catchy than my original, “The Inevitability of Cataracts.” The point is the same in either case, the...[Read More]

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