The Hunter Vision Consultation

We designed our vision consultation with your safety and convenience in mind.  Here’s how it works.

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Step 1: Virtual visit

Your journey begins with a short virtual consultation to gather information and assess your needs. This is a simple 20-minute phone call or video chat on the platform of your choice, including Facebook, FaceTime, or Google Meet.

During your call you’ll speak with several specialists on our team. You get time with your doctor so you can get answers to your most important vision questions. 

If it’s clear a comprehensive in-office visit is worth your while, the next step is to schedule a comprehensive in-office visit.

Step 2: Comprehensive in-office visit

Your in-office visit is designed to give you (and us) the most helpful information about your eyes. Read more about our vision testing.

Take the next step

Your journey begins with our LASIK Consultation. The cost is only 90 minutes of your time. The benefit is the chance at a lifetime of visual freedom.

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