Taking Care of Family

Taking Care of Family

Joel Hunter, MD
Joel Hunter, MD
Refractive Surgeon, Hunter Vision Updated 05/08/17 11:11 AM

Maybe you are wondering, as I often have when thinking about starting this blog, “Why would a vision correction center have a blog?” Well the answer hit me one day like a thunderclap. It occurred during a Central Florida thunderstorm, but I am almost sure it was the answer that hit me that way and that it happened to come in between claps of thunder.

If given the choice, people would much prefer to see someone they trust for an important decision rather than someone they have heard they should trust. And the best way to trust someone is to know him or her. And the best way to get to know someone…is a blog? Okay, maybe not the very best way, but I want to work with what we’ve got.

The point is that you can read a lot about someone’s credentials (for instance, you can read about mine here), but the best training in the world doesn’t matter if it doesn’t translate into actual care. As this blog begins to grow, I hope that you can come here, read about what’s going on at Hunter Vision or with the Hunters, and begin to feel connected to us in a way that makes you feel at home from the moment you walk through the door.

We’re working day and night (literally) to make this the best place on earth to get your eyes fixed so that you never have to wear glasses, contacts, or “cheaters” again. But I wanted to take a moment to write this note in the midst of all that to remind us all that the point of everything we do here is to take better care of you. And caring means taking the time to focus on people, sometimes in the middle of a thunderstorm.

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