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All About LASIK & Cataracts

Vision FAQ and Eye Surgery Insights 

Joel Hunter, MD

Joel Hunter, MD
I’m Joel, the founder of Hunter Vision. I’m obsessed with guiding patients to the best laser eye surgery options available.

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Is there any way to delay cataracts?

Why is my vision hazy right after LASIK?

Why can’t I see up close with my glasses anymore?

What is a stye and how can I avoid getting one?

Is it true that you can get mites on your eyelashes if they’re not cleaned regularly?

How does the “better one, better two” test work?

What is LASIK? [Video]

Why does my optometrist tell me I’m not a candidate for LASIK?

Can I have RLE after a corneal transplant?

What if my flap moves after LASIK?

How can you ensure my eye is healthy enough to have LASIK surgery?

Why should you NOT wait to have LASIK?

I had LASIK four years ago and my eyes are blurry. Is this from my surgery or is something new?

Can LASIK fix my scars from contacts?

What is chromatic aberration and does it happen to our eyeballs?

Is there a minimum age for LASIK? If so, what is it?

What are your predictions on the future of lasers and laser technology?

How long does LASIK surgery last?

Does astigmatism prevent me from having LASIK surgery?

Can someone with a pterygium have a LASIK procedure?

Does astigmatism prevent me from having LASIK surgery?

What did the trial errors and outcomes of LASIK look like when it was first developed?

Can you see better after LASIK surgery, compared to glasses/contact lenses?

Do you know any good optometrists?

Why do patients have halos for a few months after surgery?

Is there anything a person can do after LASIK, other than drops or sunglasses, to extend the longevity of the procedure?

Why do patients have dry eyes for a few months after surgery?

Does LASIK cause “floaters” in my vision?

My vision seems to be fluctuating after LASIK, what’s going on?

Can I go to sleep right after LASIK?

How important is technology when choosing a LASIK surgeon?

Is it normal for my eyes to water after LASIK? When will it stop?

I want LASIK, but I’m anxious. Do you sedate your patients for LASIK?

Can I mess up my LASIK surgery?

Does LASIK fix double vision?

Why is my near vision bad?

What makes it so I cannot see far away?

Top 10 reasons it’s no fun to wear glasses.

How hard is it to be a LASIK surgeon?

Why is all-laser LASIK better?

What are the different ways to fix astigmatism?

Why is there less of a chance for LASIK if I’m farsighted?

I’ve always had good vision. Why am I having trouble reading now?

Can LASIK make me see better than when I wear glasses?

How do I know if I have cataracts?

What should I look for in a cataract surgeon?

Are contacts bad for your eyes?

What is the best age and life-stage to get LASIK?

Why do I have to get dilated during my consultation?

What kind of LASIK results can I expect?

Are there other options besides LASIK?

Why can I “taste” my eye drops after LASIK surgery?

5 LASIK myths busted

Why do my cataracts seem worse when I drive at night?

How do I know I’m getting cataracts?

What are secondary cataracts?

Is lifestyle a factor in determining my candidacy for LASIK?

How can I best prepare for my LASIK surgery?

What makes for “the best” LASIK, or is it all the same?

Is ditching my glasses/contacts for LASIK worth it?

What does it look like when LASIK goes wrong?

Can LASIK fix cataracts?

What percentage of refractive surgery candidates do you decline?

Will LASIK affect my night vision?

Bladed vs. bladeless LASIK: still worth debating?

Is there an additional cost for a LASIK enhancement?

What are the odds I’ll need a LASIK enhancement?

What is a LASIK enhancement?

What does an ICL look like — and how big is it?

If I don’t need glasses, will LASIK make my vision better?

Are ICLs better than LASIK?

Should my LASIK surgeon be board certified?

What kind of care will I need after LASIK?

When can I wear eye makeup after LASIK?

Are your surgeons incentivized to “up-sell” vision correction?

Will I be able to see 20/20 with RLE?

Does RLE really prevent me from getting cataracts?

What is ORA, and how can it give me a great RLE result?

What are the chances I’ll still need glasses after RLE?

What are my lens options for RLE?

Why do other RLE surgeons fix one eye at a time?

I tried monovision and hated it. Is there another option?

Should my RLE surgeon be board certified?

Will RLE affect my night vision?

What are the side-effects of RLE?

RLE Goals: Distance and Near Vision without Glasses

Why does RLE cost more than LASIK?

What kind of RLE results can I expect?

What is the best age and life-stage to get RLE?

What is an intra-ocular lens (IOL)?

What makes me an RLE candidate vs LASIK candidate?

What is Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE)?

Does LASIK “wear off”?

What is a “board certified” ophthalmologist?

Is “screen time” unhealthy for my (and my kids’) eyes?

What is the RLE surgery process like?

What is SBK, and is it better than LASIK?

One doctor says I’m a LASIK candidate, one says I’m not. Why?

What are the risks of LASIK eye surgery?

PRK recovery: what to expect during the healing process

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