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Can I go to Hunter Vision for an eye exam?

If you’re looking for the shortest answer, then yes! You can come to Hunter Vision for an eye exam.

Joel Hunter, MD
Joel Hunter, MD
Refractive Surgeon, Hunter Vision Updated 01/18/21 1:54 PM

If you’re looking for the shortest answer, then yes! You can come to Hunter Vision for an eye exam. Now, the harder question is, “how much more is there to say about that?” If this blog is only one word long, it’s going to seem like I just phoned it in.

Eye exams matter because there is a lot of stuff that can go wrong with our body that we can’t detect. That’s true for our eyes too. Our blood pressure can be high for decades and we never have a clue until a lot of damage has been done. Same is true for eye pressure. But this goes beyond just eye pressure. The more delicate the system, the less room we have for error. And it’d be hard to find something more delicate than your eyes.

We didn’t do general eye exams at Hunter Vision for a while. We just did refractive surgery to get people out of glasses and contacts. But then Dr. MacDonald came along. Unlike me — a guy who specializes in lasers and surgery only — she’s an expert in the comprehensive health and well being of the eye from front to back. She looked around at all the specialized diagnostics we had for refractive surgery and said, “this same equipment could provide next-level comprehensive eye care too.”

It turns out that the imaging and testing equipment we use is the same stuff that does state-of-the art eye exams. Who knew? (I mean, technically I knew that. But as I said, my focus has always been on the surgical stuff.) So Dr. MacDonald now provides these world class eye exams using all the 3-dimensional imaging and scanning diagnostics that provide high levels of detail for every part of the eye.

I like it better this way. Sometimes, people don’t need help getting out of glasses or contacts. But everyone needs to know if their eyes are healthy, and how to keep them that way. Is the level of imaging overboard for a general eye exam? Sure. A 3D scan of the macula isn’t always necessary. But it’s always super cool to have it. And for some folks, it’s the difference between finding or missing a subtle detail.

So, in summation: do we offer eye exams? Yes.

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