Reading Glasses

Can I really get rid of my reading glasses? Like for real, for real?

Is it possible to get rid of glasses for near, distance, and intermediate vision? Absolutely.

Joel Hunter, MD
Joel Hunter, MD
Refractive Surgeon, Hunter Vision Updated 03/10/21 12:02 PM

Questions about technology are usually definitive: yes or no. As technology advances, an answer about “is this possible?” moves from the “no” column into the “yes” column. Is it possible to send mail to someone almost instantaneously? Yes. Anyone with the right technology can do that now.

Questions about technology involving biology are different than that. They’re more narrative than definitive. That is, the person asking the question matters just as much as the technology available. I was going to give an example outside of the field of vision correction, but I think vision correction may be the best example there is. So that means we can get straight to it.

Is it possible to get rid of glasses for near, distance, and intermediate vision? Absolutely. Every single day in our office, multiple people come and go who are living examples of this. They needed glasses for reading, or distance, or everywhere. Now they don’t!

But the biology (e.g. the anatomy, physiology, etc…) matters tremendously in whether or not the answer to this question is “yes” for you. Dr. Durrie, my mentor and refractive surgery idol, always said, “Refractive surgery is 95% knowing what to do and 5% doing it.” And he was — as always — correct.

The true answer to this question is best discovered with a deep dive into your specific diagnostic imaging and testing. I know all this sounds like I’m dodging the question (and I suppose I am, a bit), but the correct answer to it is too personal to answer in a general way.

To end on a cheery note, however, I can say this: it is far more common for someone to think they can’t get out of reading glasses, only to find out they can, than the opposite. The majority of people wondering if they can get out of reading glasses “for real, for real” can actually do it! The only way to find out the answer for you is to go see an eye doctor that prioritizes your biology over their technology.

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