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Do you do eye exams at Hunter Vision?

“how do we get the word out to everyone that Dr. MacDonald is the greatest eye doctor ever and can do your eye exam?” Written by Joel Hunter, MD

Joel Hunter, MD
Joel Hunter, MD
Refractive Surgeon, Hunter Vision Updated 04/23/21 3:50 PM

When we first opened, we were all about surgery to get people out of glasses. And by that I mean, 100% of our focus was LASIK and lens surgery. Eye exams were a necessary part of that process, but they weren’t an independent offering.

But then things changed.

Over time, I saw more and more patients who wanted to return to Hunter Vision for their annual visits because they liked it here. It was a great problem to have! But still, it was an issue because I’m primarily a surgeon and secondarily an eye doctor who can handle all the ins and outs of regular eye appointments.

We already had all the high tech diagnostic imaging and measurement equipment, because those are all necessary pieces of the puzzle for refractive surgery. What we needed someone else who was primarily a genius in all things eye related. Eye health, glasses, contact lenses, and so forth. 

Enter the great Dr. MacDonald. Her training and expertise — and maybe most importantly — her passion are all focused on eye exams and everything related to them. There’s a whole world of knowledge that goes into getting perfect glasses with a perfect prescription. Or contact lenses that fit just right and provide flawless vision. Following and treating long term eye health or eye problems? All fall into that world of being someone who is primarily an eye doctor specializing in eye exams. And that’s her!

Now the issue has flipped entirely. We’ve gone from “how do we kindly tell people Dr. Hunter doesn’t do eye exams?” to “how do we get the word out to everyone that Dr. MacDonald is the greatest eye doctor ever and can do your eye exam?” 

If you have any suggestions to help us get the word out that we provide amazing eye exams and glasses and contacts, let us know! I think maybe we should get one of those sign spinners you see sometimes on the side of the road. I may even do that myself. I’m that much of a fan of Dr. MacDonald and her ability to help eyes in ways I find inspiring.

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