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3 fad workouts that don’t mix with your contacts

Getting your fitness on is challenging enough without the added hassle of contacts lenses, and these workout trends are no exception.

Rebekah Warner
Rebekah Warner
Updated 07/28/17 8:16 AM

Commentary by Joel Hunter, M.D.

This article was interesting to me a little bit because of what it had to say about contacts, but mostly because I hadn’t heard of either of the first two fad workouts on the list. That came as a surprise to me because I work out over three times a year, so I’m pretty familiar with most exercise routines.

Gym rat, health nerd, or exercise flunky…you’ll find no prejudice here. We’re no stranger to the challenges of keeping fit. We know motivation isn’t a constant, so there are always bumps and slumps on every fitness journey. Keeping your health and enthusiasm on the up and up can be a challenge—but don’t give up! Get back in the game with something new. There is an ever-expanding array of fitness trends to help you change it up a bit when you find yourselves in a funk over the same ol’ routine.

Of course, there’s always the popular and longstanding options of yoga, spinning, or pilates classes. But if it’s something in the arena of greater excitement you’re itching to try, take heed. Attempting these fun, new fitness fads while wearing your contacts may prove to be a disastrous experience.

Fitness Fad #1 - Aerial Yoga

For real. How about a fitness class entirely comprised of exercises performed whilst suspending from the ceiling in a hammock of sorts? Fun, right? Yeah, until your contacts start to become bothersome, and you have to escape your large, hanging ribbon to fix them. Better hope one doesn’t fall out, turning you into a blind, flying bat. Quite literally.

I once did LASIK on a woman who flew around in the drapes at Cirque du Soleil. Until reading Fitness Fad #1 above, I had always assumed that meeting this woman was a singular experience, because I never thought I’d meet another person who did that. Lo, and behold, I could be doing that; I don’t even wear contacts because I’ve had LASIK. It did make me feel good to realize that the aerial yoga-ist (spelling?) who had LASIK at Hunter Vision was probably saved from certain doom by the procedure.

Fitness Fad #2 - Aqua Cycling

Yep. Once again, no joke. This one is also known as “underwater spinning class.” Think biking—in a pool. And juggle while balancing a plate on a stick on your nose. Ok, that’s a minor exaggeration, but you honestly may have to be just that talented to dodge the splashing water with your contacts in.

I know that this blog probably didn’t just make things up whole cloth, but I can’t imagine how this is a real thing. So many questions! Are there special bikes made for this that don’t have greasy chains that rust after the first week of class? Are the bikes lined up in the shallow end of the pool and everyone’s heads stick up just above the surface? If I walked by this class from a slight distance would it just look like everyone was standing in the shallow end grunting and breathing heavily with pained faces? They are absolutely right though, however this works, contacts would be impossible to wear through this. My guess is that their lost contact is the least of the concerns for the unfortunate people that accidentally sign up for this class, and that’s because they are distracted with solving the problem of how they are going to sit down at work with the apocalyptic rash on their bottom.

Fitness Fad #3 - Boxing

Alright, this we know. Only, nowadays anyone can take a boxing class. When you get hit in the eye don’t think your contact is gonna just stay put. No, it will likely end up on a glove (or the floor) while your opponent keeps the hits coming.

This happened to me. I wore contacts for years before I got LASIK, and when my buddy John Parker and I decided to start boxing each other in college, my contacts flew out. I get the question often about whether or not boxing or MMA fighting is a problem after LASIK. I’ve not seen or heard of a case where someone had a LASIK-related complication from either of these. However, in my study, with an “n” of 1 (that’s the number of people in a study), I found that contacts are a problem with boxing. It could also be that John was just a much better boxer than me who chose to use that skill to punch me in the eyes.

So, since you’ve gone through all the trouble of scheduling out your workout time and you’ve already resolved to choose more fresh vegetables over the fried variety for the sake of your waistline, don’t let your eye gear hold you back from achieving all your fitness goals.

Truthfully, not wearing contacts does make working out a lot easier. It’s one of the biggest reasons people give us when we ask them why they’re getting LASIK. Anything that makes bettering yourself a little bit easier is a very good thing.

Reach out to us at Hunter Vision to discuss your vision correction options. Sign up for a free LASIK consultation. Then, go ahead and proceed with that surfing fitness class that always had you intrigued.

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