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JDH interviewing EKM: favorite part of her job

When Dr. MacDonald agreed to join us at Hunter Vision, I couldn’t believe our luck.

Joel Hunter, MD
Joel Hunter, MD
Refractive Surgeon, Hunter Vision Updated 12/28/20 12:32 PM

When Dr. MacDonald agreed to join us at Hunter Vision, I couldn’t believe our luck. I wanted to take out a full page ad in the Orlando Sentinel, not even to advertise Hunter Vision, just to brag. It was going to say, “Orlando legend Dr. Elizabeth MacDonald says “yes!” to joining us at Hunter Vision. In other news: My self-esteem is up 30%!”

That’s the thing with people like Dr. MacDonald. When someone is super fun, kind, and brilliant, they raise everyone else up with them. We all become better because of how good they are. It’s the grown-up, workplace equivalent of the P.E. coach agreeing to join one of the teams during a round of elementary school tug-of-war.

Today’s blog assignment is for me to “interview EKM” (Dr. MacDonald’s initials) about the “favorite part of her job.” It’s my first celebrity interview, so bear with me. I’ll be JDH in this exchange.

JDH: Hi! This should be easy since we sit six feet from each other in the same office. I requested that, by the way, so that I could ask you questions.

EKM: What kind of questions?

JDH: What’s your favorite part of your job?

EKM: Is this for the blog?

JDH: *puts down tape recorder on desk and covers it with a IOL calculations sheet* ...no.

EKM: My favorite part of my job is having a place where I can interact with my patients and provide them the best quality vision and ocular care possible.  

JDH: When you say, “best quality vision” does that mean LASIK only? LASIK and lens surgery only? What’s a contact lens? What’s a “glasses”?

EKM: Haha, surgery is the best option for lots of people. But there are lots of people who either aren’t a good candidate for a procedure, or who would just prefer glasses or contacts. Plus, I really care about making sure that people have healthy eyes and that requires ongoing visits over the years.

JDH: Healthy eyes are important. I’m often told by patients, “I need my eyes for my job,” and it always sends me deep into thought trying to come up with jobs where you don’t need your eyes.

EKM: Yeah, exactly. That’s where annual comprehensive exams come in. It’s why they’re so important. It’s great to see my patients yearly and build our doctor-patient relationship where they know they can rely upon me to help with their comprehensive exams, emergency visits and consultations for refractive surgery.

JDH: Did you get these questions beforehand? You’re really prepared with your answers.

EKM: I did! You gave them to me.

JDH: Indeed. I feel like we really nailed this. All that’s left is to grab this well-hidden tape recorder and this blog will write itself.

In conclusion, Dr. MacDonald is the best. I love working with her and she’s been wonderful to our patients. I’m protective of this place and the people we help. It’s a genuine gift to be able to trust both of those with someone who I’d trust with my own eyes.

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