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Do you know any good optometrists?

By Joel Hunter, MD | 6/1/18 7:00 AM
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I know of several good optometrists around Orlando, and several more across the United States in general. But since today’s question isn’t, “do I know of any good optometrists,” but instead is “do I know any good optometrists,” the list gets shortened down to just one. I only really know one optometrist.

The Best Optometrist I Know

It works out well, because she is the best optometrist I’ve seen, so I haven’t tried really hard to get to know tons more. Believe it or not, I’m less of a social butterfly than my writing might have you believe. I know the best optometrist, so I take that as an excuse to be less of a social butterfly and just focus on the stuff I like to do. I guess I’m more of a caterpillar, really. “That Joel is a social caterpillar,” is something people probably say about me at their fun parties.

Justine Siergey is the one optometrist I really know. If I were you, I’d think, “Of course he says she’s great because he knows her. That’s what bias is.” And you’d be right about bias affecting your judgment of one factor because of your relationship to another factor. In this case though, the bias went in the opposite direction.

I became biased towards Dr. Siergey because she is unbelievably skilled at what she does. Optometrists, as an over generalization, prescribe glasses and contacts. They do more, but for simplicity’s sake we can leave it there. Once I shared a couple patients with Dr. Siergey, she became the only optometrist that I wanted to send people to. She even worked at a place that had a doctor who did the same surgeries I did. You never send patients to a practice when they are your competition! You do when they’ve got a doctor there who can handle specific problems better than anyone else, though. That was Dr. Siergey. And so I sent her the patients that needed her help.

An Opportunity at Hunter Vision

Then, because miracles still happen sometimes, Dr. Siergey was looking for a new place to work her magic. She was either going to join a practice, or start her own. At that point, I decided I really wanted her to be at Hunter Vision no matter what it took. You’d think that having a hero of glasses and contacts prescription might not fit an ideal business model for a refractive, get-out-of-glasses eye clinic. But we’re not in the business of getting everyone out of glasses. We are in the business of helping people get whatever is the best version possible of their eyes.

Dr. Siergey joined us. She added a piece that we’ve always been missing. Good candidate for LASIK? We have that handled. Need cataract surgery or just need new lenses implanted to get out of glasses? No problem. But now we can help the thousands of people that don’t fall into those categories. The folks who don’t want or can’t have surgery, but just want to see the best they possibly can... we can help those them now! We can help because I get to have Dr. Siergey as my friend that I work with every day. And, yeah, I’m biased. But not because she’s my friend. It’s because she’s the best optometrist I’ve ever seen.

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