Can I get LASIK if I hurt my eye as a kid?

LASIK is often still an option for those that have experienced an eye injury in the past.

Joel Hunter, MD
Joel Hunter, MD
Refractive Surgeon, Hunter Vision Updated 10/23/20 3:17 PM

I'd like to start by telling you a story about a boy named John. John was a strong young man who lived in the backwoods of the midwest. He spent his days working the cattle and maintaining the family farm.One day, at the age of 6, John was mowing the back pasture and not using his eye protection as was advised by his eye doctor and his tractor's user manual. John was hit in the eye with a small projectile from the mower. The shrapnel hit just outside the limbus. For those not familiar with eye anatomy, the limbus is right at Schwalbe's line. What's that? Near the palisades of Vogt? Well then nevermind; the point is the injury didn't have any effect on his chances of LASIK later in life. The clinical details really took the punch out of the surprise ending I had: "He went on to get LASIK on his 18th birthday." So, in order to rescue the wow factor for this story... that boy went on to become John Adams, second President of the United States.

The moral of this story (with minor details changed for illustrative purposes) is that LASIK is often still an option for those that have experienced an eye injury in the past. We look at everything while you are here for your consult and make sure that we have a thorough history of your eye health. There are times when a past corneal scar (located where the laser treats the eye) can make or break the decision for whether or not LASIK is the best procedure for you. However, it is far more common that a past eye injury which you remember vividly (they are hard to forget!) will have little to no influence on your chance at getting perfect vision without glasses.

If you are wondering if you are a candidate, but aren't sure if a previous eye injury would allow you to have the procedure, you can dig for more information on this website and then come and see us when you are comfortable with letting me look at your eyes. We purposefully make the virtual consult free for everyone because we want everyone to get trustworthy advice on their options for seeing the world better. Honestly, sometimes the best gift we can offer someone is a genuine bit of advice to not let anyone ever laser their eyes.

So if you want to see better, but always assumed you couldn't, you can always stop by here to figure it out. A lot of times the answer is "yes."


AuthorJoel Hunter, MD is an Ophthalmologist, Refractive Surgeon, and the Founder of Hunter Vision, a LASIK Orlando Clinic in Florida. A recognized and respected specialist in vision correction who has performed a countless number of refractive surgeries, Joel gives lectures across the country and trains fellow doctors in the newest LASIK surgery techniques.


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