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Do you have any rituals for LASIK eye surgery?

By Joel Hunter, MD | 3/28/14 12:58 PM
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The other day, someone asked if I have any eye surgery day rituals. Well, obviously there's the one where I have Alpha-Bits cereal for breakfast and eat only the letters J, O, E, and L, but that qualifies as less of a ritual and more as an example of just being prepared.

In all honesty, even though I don't have a ritual, superstition and excellence at a job are often found in the same person. Pavarotti always kept a bent nail in his pocket when performing. Napoleon had a superstitious fear of cats. Really, to have a complete case of Napoleon Syndrome, you must be short, arrogant, and hate cats.

I used to have a ritual that I would wear mismatched socks on surgery day when I was in residency. That may seem odd to you, as it does to me now, but I remember it was pretty important to me at one point. Then one day, I had a complication (the patient ended up doing great) while wearing them and realized that superstitions aren't nearly as helpful as knowing what to do.

They say that ideas we hold that were not formed by logic cannot be changed by logic, which is to say, crazy people gonna be crazy. Well, I'm proud to say I proved them wrong because my socks match perfectly today.

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