My brother is my LASIK surgeon. Here’s why I chose him.

Joel Hunter, MD is my brother. I know my vision matters as much to him as it does to me. It’s why I started this ophthalmology practice with him.

Josh Hunter
Josh Hunter
Updated 05/19/17 10:17 AM

For the last five years I wanted to be Hunter Vision’s first patient. I wanted it for many reasons, but the most important to me was the expression of trust. I want everyone to know that I trust my brother. I trust him because he is a good man, but more than that I trust him because he is an excellent surgeon. His hands are rock steady and his brain is as sharp as they come. I’ve watched his surgeries. No matter what happens in surgery, whether it is trauma surgery for the ER or walking through the micron-level details of laser surgery, he never flinches. He walks through each procedure caring more about the patient’s experience and result than he does about anything else in that moment. I know my vision matters as much to him as it does to me. It’s why I started this practice with him. I feel great about telling every person what they experience at Hunter Vision cannot be replicated. The main reason that is true is there is only one Joel Hunter, MD. Whether he is operating on your cornea or running the team that is serving each patient, he leads well and with integrity. I’ve seen it since we were kids.

I wanted to know that the man operating on my eyes was a man of character, loyalty and brilliance. That’s what I got when my brother took my vision from 20/80 to 20/10. Now, I can see like an eagle and I know he is as happy for me as I am.

I’ll write more specifically about the surgery next time. But, I wanted you to know why I chose my brother. It’s not because he’s my brother. It’s because he is the best.

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