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What every future mother should know about LASIK

By Joel Hunter, MD

Everything changes when you’re pregnant. It’s not just your body. It’s your schedule, your decision making, even your plans. Worth it? A thousand times yes! But like any other great accomplishment, there are sacrifices you’ll make. There’s good news when it comes to LASIK though! You don’t have to sacrifice great vision — just delay it a bit.

Are you a good LASIK candidate?

For those of you who are pregnant or think you might decide to become pregnant soon, a LASIK consultation still works. We can determine with great accuracy if you’ll be a good candidate for LASIK. And if you are a good candidate, then wonderful! Almost always, that’s the hardest part about LASIK — just having the good luck to be a candidate. That means you can get the hardest part knocked out with no delay.

If you are a good candidate, then the next step is kind of like pregnancy itself. We wait, and treasure in our hearts the good things to come. We choose to be patient. The difference is that pregnancy has some challenges, and enjoying the knowledge that you can have great vision has no challenges. But they both require patience for a gift that will change your life. (Disclaimer: A new, precious human life is better than LASIK. I don’t say that about too many gifts in life, but in this case, nothing is more important than a new baby!)

Why don’t we perform LASIK on expectant mothers?

It’s because nothing is more important than a new baby. The primary goal of any doctor you meet throughout your pregnancy should be to make sure you have the healthiest baby possible. While the procedure itself wouldn’t be a problem, there are drops you take for a week after LASIK that could be. They fall into the pregnancy and nursing category of “We don’t think it’s a problem, but we don’t know for sure.” Therefore, it’s better to know for sure by not taking them until after you have the baby and are done nursing.

One last note about pregnancy and LASIK: the delay is not because we are worried about a change in prescription. Yes, pregnancy can sometimes cause a change in your glasses prescription — while you are pregnant. Studies have shown, however, that there is no statistical difference when comparing glasses prescriptions before pregnancy and after pregnancy. In other words, LASIK done before pregnancy will still give you the ability to see your children’s faces clearly. Research shows that the only time your eyes are changing is during the pregnancy itself. But you probably know that better than any study. Everything changes when you’re pregnant.

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