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Should I get my contact lenses at Hunter Vision?

Hunter Vision is the best place ever to get contact lenses. I can say that with lots of bias and no boasting because I’m not the one who prescribes them. Written by Joel Hunter, MD

Joel Hunter, MD
Joel Hunter, MD
Refractive Surgeon, Hunter Vision Updated 04/27/21 1:31 PM

Let’s begin with a big fat disclaimer that I could be a bit biased on this one. That doesn’t mean I’m wrong, necessarily, just biased. In my opinion, Hunter Vision is the best place ever to get contact lenses. I can say that with lots of bias and no boasting because I’m not the one who prescribes them. As a matter of fact, my expertise in eyes and inability to prescribe contacts makes me uniquely suited to give this biased opinion.

Here’s why: all day long, I look at corneal curvature measurements and new patients with contact lens intolerance. They’re here to see if they can have LASIK. Many of them can, but some (usually because of those aforementioned corneal curvature measurements) cannot. With contacts, I know just enough to know how little I understand about prescribing the perfect pair. So — coming to the rescue — Dr. MacDonald is able to swoop in and save the day.

She’s able to solve the problem — creating a perfect contact lens solution — pretty much every time. There’s a genius and a method that goes into getting contacts just right. Whether it’s the brand or the fitting measurements or the contact lens material… there’s a lot of nuance that’s intuitive for her and mysterious for me. To me, it’s more like watching a composer write a song than watching a doctor write a prescription.

We talk about LASIK a lot at Hunter Vision. We’re fans of it. But there are reasons, whether medical, financial, or situational, that LASIK isn’t the best choice right now for some folks. For many years, I just tried my best to refer those people to a good eye doctor that prescribes contacts. I chose the doctor based on reputation and my best guess.

What a relief it is to have those days behind us! Now I share an office with Dr. MacDonald, and reputation is nothing compared to direct knowledge. I get to hear her fluently speaking a foreign (to me) language of contact lenses. I get to watch her fix previously “unsolvable” problems for patients who couldn’t wear contacts. And I get to see the patients she’s helped directly!

So am I biased? Sure! But that’s what happens when you find someone that solves a unique problem. Contact lenses aren’t a one-size-fits-all deal. The correct measurements, the advanced equipment to get the right diagnostic imaging, and — most importantly — the expertise to put it all to good use… it’s hard to find a place that can get it all just right. Thanks to Dr. MacDonald, and certainly not me, Hunter Vision is that place!

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