The top 8 reasons people choose us for vision correction

To summarize some of the research, here are the top eight reasons most people choose Hunter Vision for their vision correction surgery:

Josh Hunter
Josh Hunter
Updated 10/31/18 12:26 PM

The patients who choose Hunter Vision tend to do a lot of research. We encourage you to do the same and read as many reviews and as much online as you can. To summarize some of the research, here are the top eight reasons most people choose Hunter Vision for their vision correction surgery:

The Refractive Surgery Specialists
Our physicians are ophthalmologists (eye surgeons) who are fellowship trained in anterior segment surgery (the front of the eye). Beyond this, they sub-specialize in refractive surgery (surgery to give you your best vision). That means our entire practice is devoted to using advanced research and procedures to help you see your absolute best without glasses and contacts.

Personalized Vision Correction
If you see well with glasses or contacts, it’s likely we can help you see without them. Because we specialize only in refractive surgery, we are able to provide a personalized vision correction plan that isn’t limited to one specific technology. With a full spectrum of technologically advanced laser, lens, and cataract surgery, we can meet the specific needs of more people’s eyes.

Reputation for Excellence
Dr. Joel Hunter was named Orlando’s Best Eye Surgeon by the Orlando Business Journal. He lectures across the country on cataract and refractive surgery and can oſten be found training other doctors in the newest LASIK surgery techniques. 

Surgeon Accessibility
Direct access to your surgeon is important to us. At Hunter Vision, a surgeon meets with you at every visit—from your first visit to your final post-op—and you’ll leave the office on surgery day with your surgeon’s personal cell phone number.

Intentional Patient Experience
Your journey at Hunter Vision is a thoughtfully crafted experience that caters to your unique personal and clinical needs. We’ve combined comfortable and clinical to prove that visiting a surgeon can be enjoyable!

Outstanding Results
Our average outcome for all LASIK patients is better than 20/20! Beyond that, our doctors are really particular on the quality of vision for each patient after surgery. While 20/20 is a good mile marker to supersede, not every 20/20 is created equal. Our surgeons will craft a personalized surgical plan so that each patient can achieve maximum sharpness and clarity of vision.

When it comes to your eyes, we assume you want the very best. To be transparent about it, if your primary goal is the lowest price, we’re probably not going to be your first choice. That being said, we know that budgets play a major role in life, so we offer a variety of payment options to fit nearly everyone.

When it comes to your eyes, your surgeon’s experience matters. Surgery can be routine and breezy, but only if great technology, a skilled surgeon and an awesome team make it that way. The doctors at Hunter Vision perform thousands of these surgeries each year, operating six days a week to provide convenient procedure times for our patients. It’s important to us that your time here is perfect.

Reading a list is one thing, but experiencing it first-hand is quite another. Come in and find out what sets Hunter Vision apart. Reserve your complimentary consultation today!

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