Should I wait to get LASIK until the technology improves?

I tell nearly half the people I see for LASIK consults that they either can or should wait for some new piece of technology that’s in development.

Joel Hunter, MD
Joel Hunter, MD
Refractive Surgeon, Hunter Vision Updated 10/31/18 10:47 AM
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Sometimes I will say to people, "You're one of the people that did the right thing not getting LASIK 10 years ago, because the technology today will give you better vision than you could have had then." And they will say, "Look behind you." And I will turn and see that the Publix cashier has scanned all my items, and then I pay and leave the store.

In clinic, one of the most frequently asked questions is whether or not there is something better coming down the line that they should wait for to correct their vision. No one wants to do something permanent to their eyes now if they could have had better vision had they just waited two more years.

I want Hunter Vision to be a place where people can know that the goal isn't to get people to have surgery, the goal is to tell people exactly what is wrong with their eyes, what technology can do now, and what is likely to come over the next decade for both their eyes and the technology. That way, when someone is a candidate for LASIK now, they can know that it is a really great choice. The people who are great candidates now will have amazing vision after the procedure, so that even if a new procedure shows up, it will likely be one that will just increase the odds for people to get the results that they already got. At this point, the results of laser are so good that improved technology is much more focused on increasing the size of the net for who can get LASIK rather than improving the results for those who are good candidates.

I tell nearly half the people I see for LASIK consults that they either can or should wait for some new piece of technology that is in development. There's never a case of emergency LASIK, but I really hold sacred the responsibility of confirming people can be confident that once they are told they are a good candidate, they can feel sure it is a wise idea to move forward with it when they want. For all those people I don't tell to hold off just now, the technology that they waited on for a long time is here, and it was worth the wait.

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