We send people elsewhere

Dr. Hunter and I decided long ago that we’d encourage each patient to seek out all eye surgery options before selecting a doctor to correct their vision.

Josh Hunter
Josh Hunter
Updated 05/05/17 10:50 AM

We send people elsewhere.

Seriously. Hunter Vision patients generally fall into two separate camps. Camp one consists of patients who have done their research and decided that Hunter Vision is the best place they can go to have their vision correction experience. Camp two is full of patients who are “looking” to see what vision correction specialist fits their need best. They visit multiple places before making a decision.

Dr. Hunter and I decided long ago that we would encourage each patient to seek out all available options before selecting a doctor to correct their vision. We send multiple patients out of our office each week encouraging them to visit every other place in town if they aren’t sure what others offer. You may be thinking, “Why in the world would anyone in their right mind send people out the door to someone else?” Well, let me answer the question I just asked for you.

We firmly believe that what we offer here is not replicated anywhere else in the world. Patients are treated with their best interest in mind and are encouraged to be sure that what we offer is what they want. The actual medical part of each exam and surgical procedure is done with the latest in technology to ensure the best possible result for each patient, but just as important, each patient is treated like family. Family doesn’t sit in your waiting room for an hour.

Dr. Hunter often comes into my office and says, “We could do this procedure on Mr. (fill in the blank), but I wouldn’t recommend it if he were our dad, so I am not going to be the one who does that. If someone else wants to, that is on them. I don’t believe it is best for him now. I am going to go tell him that right now.” He isn’t interested in short-term gain for the practice. He is interested in doing what is right for the long term.

We believe this is what will continue to grow Hunter Vision into the practice we wanted from the beginning. We want every patient that visits here to know they were treated like family. Sometimes that means letting them go elsewhere to let them see for themselves what they gained while they were here.

I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but I fully expect to see them again when their research journey is complete, and usually do. Our job is to continue to provide a service that gives us the confidence to let our camp-two family members walk away, knowing we’ll see them again someday soon.

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