The What and Why of Hunter Vision LASIK

Hunter Vision LASIK is an experience. It is a combination of world-class 3D imaging and laser technology built on a personal doctor-patient relationship.

Joel Hunter, MD
Joel Hunter, MD
Refractive Surgeon, Hunter Vision Updated 05/19/17 10:10 AM

You thought about getting LASIK years ago. You wondered if the technology was good enough and if the results were short term. You wondered if it was a passing fad that many would regret later.

You hate your glasses and they get in your way. For some, they are glasses for distance that you started wearing in 3rd grade when you couldn’t see the chalkboard. For others, they are reading glasses you just started needing a few years ago when your arms got too short. Maybe, it is contact lenses that feel stuck to your eyeball by the end of the day.

People get tired of it. I did. I remember specifically when my contacts would cloud up during my neurosurgery rotation when I was in medical school. Talk about terrible timing. “Well, at least it isn’t rocket science,” I would console myself.

Then I got LASIK seven years ago. It made me a better doctor, a happier person, and someone who winked and blinked at people less. A lot of people are like I am – super happy that they fixed their eyes for good.

But over the years, I knew of too many people who were not fond of what has become the typical LASIK experience. And while many were satisfied with their outcome, many were not satisfied with the process. Enter Hunter Vision LASIK.

Hunter Vision LASIK is an experience. It is a combination of world-class 3D imaging and laser technology built on a personal doctor-patient relationship. The experience is divided into 3 parts; Your Exam, Your Procedure, and Your Care. Here is the best way we know to describe how we help change your view of the world.

YOUR EXAM - LASIK begins with the unique array of 3D diagnostic imaging we perform on every candidate. This new hi-resolution 3D technology captures the subtleties that make your eye special. We believe that helping you make the best decision possible depends on giving you the best information available. As part of that, I sit down with you and go through your digital imaging with you one-on-one. It’s good to keep you in the loop…

YOUR PROCEDURE - Our Wavelight Excimer Laser was specifically designed to keep the natural 3D shape of your cornea as it corrects your vision. This newest-generation laser actually adapts to the unique curvature of your eyes, reshaping it more closely to an ideal, natural shape. I was privileged to do research on multiple laser technology platforms, and this one is incredible. I could pass a lie detector test to say it is the best one in the U.S.

YOUR CARE – There is a peace of mind in knowing that you have found a place that cares about you more deeply than a two-dimensional exchange of information and treatment. I really do believe that caring deeply for people is more important than caring quickly. I give my email address on pre-op day, my cell phone number on surgery day, no one waits longer than 10 minutes, and every question gets answered.

We’re confident that you will see what makes us different after your consultation experience. While not everyone is a candidate, those of you who qualify will be glad you did. It’s a wonderful thing.

Come and see.

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