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The imaging and surgical technology involved in modern refractive cataract surgery are so advanced, so impossible in just recent history, that it makes sense they would enable results that seemed equally impossible. Cataract surgery is no longer limited to creating a workable solution to the problem of a cloudy lens. With the ability to harness the power of computers to do calculations that once would have taken years in just fractions of a second, your cataract has changed from a problem to an opportunity. This new technology makes our age-old tech of glasses and contacts obsolete.

The Lenstar: The key to ditching your cataracts and your glasses

The technology in cataract surgery is better than ever. In the year 2000, a new and improved technology using laser light waves instead of sound waves changed the measurement data available to cataract surgeons. With an 800% increase in precision over previous technology, The IOL (intra-ocular lens) Master became the gold standard. It is still widely used with excellent results today and had the Lenstar not been released recently, it would still be considered one of the most accurate measurement devices available. The Lenstar more accurately measures more parameters (such as astigmatism) giving Hunter Vision cataract surgeons not only more, but better information. Without exaggeration, it is the greatest and most advanced IOL calculation device in the world.

The Pentacam: Because topography matters

The Pentacam fills in the micro details to add color to the full picture of the Lenstar. The pentacam creates a 3-dimensional, detailed map of the specific topography details of your cornea. Since your cornea is the lens that will be working with your new IOL to provide visual focus, we want to ensure they work together like lock and key. If you think of the Lenstar as telling us the distance from Orlando to Winter Park down to the inch, the Pentacam would give us the topography of every inch of terrain on the way there. Both are helpful in developing the full picture in choosing the right plan for your cataract surgery.

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ORA: Lasers really are the future

Of all the advanced technology that makes Refractive Cataract Surgery possible, this is the most futuristic-type technology available. ORA’s invisible laser scans 40 times in 2 seconds during the brief moment before  your dysfunctional lens is replaced with your new clear lens . Through somewhat impossibly complicated math, it deciphers what lens  power would achieve the desired target prescription. It is incredible technology that gives us precision we didn’t think even possible just a few years ago when refractive cataract surgery was in its infancy.

Aspheric Intra-Ocular Lenses

Lens technology improvements for both RLE and Refractive Cataract Surgery changed the quality of outcomes for patients in amazing ways. Remember when the Hubble Telescope was repaired so  the blurred images became incredibly crisp and sharp? That 2.5 billion dollar telescope was repaired  by fixing  the optics to eliminate spherical aberration. The intra-ocular lens  that can fix your vision is designed to accomplish the same goal. The extraordinary optics for your eye, provided by space age technology, are the result of years of research and perfection achieved by a group of Ph.D’s in Optics and their teams. The benefits to you come in the form of a very tiny, Aspheric Intra-ocular Lens that means you’ll clearly see the things that mean the most to you.

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