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Chris McCurry, MD

Dr. McCurry grew up in the Low-country of South Carolina. It infused a soft, southern drawl and an air of laid back calm that made us immediately ask if he’d work at Hunter Vision when we met him. There’s a lot to refractive surgery, but a natural gift for dissolving tension and easing nerves is of irreplaceable value. His personality is engaging enough that it makes his professional accomplishments and expertise seem almost at odds with the guy in front of you. How can someone with a gift for serenity have a mind capable of precision work and details you’d normally expect from someone more… high-strung?

About Dr. McCurry

The facts contained in Dr. McCurry’s CV are impressive yet somehow show only a fraction of his capability. Growing up in a family with ties to the construction industry, he assumed his analytical leanings would serve him well as an engineer. He completed his Civil Engineering degree and worked on the Cooper River Bridge project. Around then he felt like he wanted to help people in a more personal way, which led him to medical school. More surprisingly—because medical school is hard from what we hear—he decided to obtain MBA and MD degrees simultaneously. It’s pretty rare to do both, let alone excel. But he did and secured a spot in the prestigious Ophthalmology residency program at the University of Virginia.

His passion for precision and gift of compassion accelerated his ability to rise to new challenges. Multiple awards for his research, trips to Peru and South Africa to treat the needy, getting chosen as a chief resident—it’s all confirmation of the possibilities available when the right mind matches the right goals. It was evident to Dr. McCurry by the end of residency that refractive surgery was the best use of his talents. There’s no field in Ophthalmology more suited to a mind that thrives in details and a personality that melts tension. And, as we’ve come to find out, he’s unbelievably, impossibly good at what he does here.


  • Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from University of South Carolina
  • MD/MBA from Medical University of South Carolina and The Citadel Graduate College
  • Residency at the University of Virginia (Chief resident during last year of residency)
  • Award for best resident research project during last two years of residency
  • Global Ophthalmic mission trips (Lima, Peru and East London, South Africa)
  • Board Eligible
  • Cataract Surgery Specialty

Hobbies & Interests

Dr. McCurry loves spending time with his wife (Devann) and two boys (Duncan and Rowan). Now a resident of Orlando he enjoys year-round swimming, going to the beach, and doing other outdoor activities the boys enjoy. He puts his engineering degree to good use by overseeing Lego building projects with the kids at Legoland! When he has energy left (he usually does), and he’s not with family, he’s running or in the gym.

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