For every experience in life that we’ll always remember — experiences so wonderful and significant that we can’t forget them — there are a thousand nearly-insignificant details that made it possible. As you journey through LASIK, we focus meticulously on those details so that you can do something truly extraordinary and enjoy your experience.

lasik patient checking in at front desk


One common thread that unites all of us as people is our shared dislike of waiting rooms. Your time is precious, and so the idea of a room dedicated to wasting it seems as insane to us as it probably does to you. That’s why you’ll be greeted right when you walk in, and be handed an iPad to efficiently check some boxes that will get your journey started. If there’s time, you can grab a cold beverage and kick back in a leather chair, but you won’t have long. Literal alarms go off in our back office if you wait longer than 10 minutes. Oh, and the people you’ll meet, well, they’re genuinely happy you’re here. 

lasik patient being greeted by technician

Our Family, Your Friends

It’s not impossible to spend time with only friendly people as you walk through the steps of an eye exam, it is just seems that way because having only those people as your helpers has to be intentional. Our family here at Hunter Vision is chosen through a two-step process: Are they the type that love people? Are they obsessed with perfection? This journey is about you and not us, but we all really love working here, and that matters only because it makes it really easy and natural to share in the joy through your journey to incredible vision.

Your Eyes: Every Detail, No Surprises

To get the best information on your best way forward towards eyes that can see, it won’t work to just get the necessary tests and skip the extras. There are details in the extras, and every bit of meticulous detail we can gather about your eyes may help. You’ll find the diagnostic and imaging technology from several different ophthalmology specialists’ offices in this one place. There are too many 3D and laser scanners to list here (but they’re here), but since we care about your peace of mind, you can rest assured that one test that is not done is the antiquated and much-hated “puff of air” machine.

Screening Is For Porches

To save you the trouble of multiple visits, every piece of information that we need is gathered at your one and only consultation, except for those who need to follow up for a unique reason. We don’t do a brief screening exam for two reasons. First, because it creates an unnecessary visit for every candidate. The second reason, however, is equally important: when your plan is being created based on such a detailed and wide array of diagnostics, it’s too specific to your eyes to just do screening and assume the rest. The whole exam with no shortcuts creates the picture of what you specifically require to reach your maximum vision.

Joel Hunter, MD explaining LASIK consultation results

Time With Your Surgeon

The information you’ve provided about your vision, the images and diagnostics collected are used by one of our surgeons to form a customized plan for giving you the best vision you can have. None of this happens in a back room while you wait, your doctor will sit down with you and all the pictures that were taken of your eyes and walk you through the best path forward for you in as much or as little detail as you’d like. If you have questions, great! You’re in a good spot to get them answered because your surgeon is sitting in front of you and not three phone calls away.

Joel Hunter, MD performing slit lamp exam during LASIK consultation


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