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Eye Exams

It’s not your average optometry experience.

You’re usually not forced to be concerned about eye health until you have vision problems. That’s why we’re here. If you have issues with something central to your life like your vision, it helps to know where to get the best care possible. If you’re looking for help, or hoping to avoid needing help, we’re here to guide you through. 

You may have found us by searching for something like “eye doctor for eye pain in Orlando, FL” or something similar. Or maybe you know about Hunter Vision because we helped someone close to you. Either way, we are so glad you’re here. We don’t want your eye to bother you a moment longer than necessary, so pay us a visit to get help. 

We are well equipped to handle all the urgent eye care that you can throw at us. From lid bumps and red eyes, to new flashes and cobweb like floaters, our doctors can find the answers you need and often can work you in the same day.

If you don’t see as well as you used to or as well as you’d like to, the next step is to find out why. At Hunter Vision, every state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging device available is here to help find an answer to that question. Once we know why you can’t see as well as you should, you are guided by experts dedicated to answering how to get you the best vision possible. 

Every eye exam is unique. We strive to give you the most thorough, personalized evaluation in Orlando. Our custom exam includes an extensive health evaluation of the front and back of the eye, personalized prescription design and vision check, mapping of the corneal surface, macular degeneration risk testing and any other diagnostic testing recommended by our doctors during your exam. We are big advocates for preventative eye health so don’t be surprised if we ask you about how often you wear sunglasses in the Florida sun or suggest other supplements that affect your overall health. At the end of your exam, we customize a treatment plan for you and let you know all of your vision correction (including surgical) options.

If you already wear contact lenses or are interested in wearing contact lenses we have a specific contact lens exam. It includes all the great things in our standard exam, plus a comprehensive evaluation of fit, functionality and related ocular health. We even include a follow up visit because your real-world feedback is so important to us. For more complex contact lens fits or prescriptions we design custom packages based on your individual needs. 

If you already wear glasses or are interested in getting glasses to help with a specific vision problem, we personalize glasses prescriptions based on your individual daily needs such as the specific distance you sit from your computer, where you need to read music for your instrument or the distance you need to sight your targets. We understand the importance of lens quality to achieve a personalized best outcome.

Whether you need vision correction, preventative care, or help with an eye problem, it starts when you schedule an eye exam. If you’re in Orlando, FL, come see us. We’ll take care of you.

Frequently asked questions

While most optometry clinics provide basic measures of eye health and visual acuity, we go far beyond the basics. Because we are also an ophthalmology practice, our eye exam diagnostics are set up to capture detailed preoperative imagery for LASIK and other surgical eye procedures. What does that mean for you? Well you get more accurate data for starters. If the imaging is good enough for LASIK, you can be confident we’re looking at every aspect of your eye health in great detail. In fact, we’re obsessed with catching early warning signs for eye diseases like glaucoma and macular degeneration. When it comes to your eyes, every detail matters.

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