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Whether you’ve worn contacts for years or have never been able to make them work, we have good news. There’s a good chance you could see better with the right pair of contacts. Contacts underperform or don’t get a chance at all because it takes an expert level of care to customize them to the exacting and unique characteristics of your eye. The days of “one size fits all” are long gone, and we couldn’t be happier to show you how good that news can be for you.

Getting started with contact lenses

If you've never worn contacts before, then you've found a wonderful place to start. You'll need the right prescription, the right fit, and an explanation of how to make it as easy as possible. Getting any of these wrong can lead to giving up contacts or, worse, persisting in wearing the wrong contacts. Let us help you get every customized step to success lined up, so that you can get started with the best contacts for your needs. Learn more about how to get started with contact lenses.

Contact lens issues and solutions

Every factor in success with contact lenses depends on each other. Whether it’s the contact lens size, shape, or solutions involved—the best outcome requires every component to work together. If your eyes feel comfortable and don’t see well, or see fine and don’t feel comfortable, chances are there’s a way to solve the issue. Come see us, or read more about contact lens issues and solutions.

Rigid/Gas-Permeable contact lenses

RGPs have extraordinarily high potential and a level of meticulous care and customization to match it. Like a world class racehorse or a top-performing race car, those with the highest level of performance require the most expertise to reach their potential. Maybe you’ve tried RGPs or you’re curious if you should. In either case, come see us if you’ve wondered about what’s possible with rigid and gas-permeable contacts.

Soft/Disposable contact lenses

With millions of soft contact lenses prescribed every year, it’s no wonder that so many people end up with contacts that don’t perform as well as they could. It’s easy to overlook how soft contacts could be customized to your specific needs in a world where they can be shipped to your door by typing a few numbers on a web page. The good news it’s very possible that the best pair of contacts you’ve ever had may be in your future. Let us show you what’s possible. Learn more about soft and disposable contact lenses.

Specialty contact lenses

Specialty contact lenses stand above all other contacts in one key metric: they can usually provide the best vision possible when all other contacts and glasses fail to achieve it. It’s likely that the only reason they aren’t more famous is because so few contact lens specialist are trained in fitting this type of contact. This type of contact lens fitting is one of our favorite services to provide. Specialty contact lenses can be life changing.

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