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Life is busy. It’s no wonder when issues that aren’t urgently demanding our attention fall by the wayside on life’s journey. You’re usually not forced to be concerned about eye health until you’ve got vision problems. That’s what we’re here for. When you’ve got issues with something as central to your life as vision, it helps to know you’ve give them the best care possible. It’s also true -- for those vision problems could be avoided by being deliberate about caring for your eyes along the way -- that you don’t have to wait. If you’re looking for help, or hoping to avoid needing help, we’re here to guide you through.

Vision Issues and Solutions

If you don’t see as well as you used to or as well as you’d like to, the best next step is to find out why. At Hunter Vision, every state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging device that’s available is there to help find an answer to that question. Once we know why you can’t see as well as you should, the next step in your journey is guided by experts dedicated to answering how to get you the best vision possible. 

The one or two test can feel very daunting like a test your designed to fail. Here at Hunter Vision we take the stress out of that process by gathering tons of objective information and taking the time to really listen to you. Often the two options look the same and that’s ok but well also listen to how sure you sound in your answers and compare that to what you are able to see out of the prescription you are already used to.

We personalize glasses prescriptions based on individual factors such as the specific distance your work computer is at, where you need to read music for your instrument or this distance you need to sight your targets. Our expects understand how important the quality of your eyeglass lenses are on achieving your ideal vision and can make recommendations of what you really need.

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Diabetic eye disease is a condition best handled with a central, driving defensive position: being proactive yields results spectacularly more effective than being reactive. Diabetes gives you enough to handle without having to worry about your vision over the years. Advanced testing -- along with expert evaluation and management -- can identify changes long before they affect you. 

Diabetes affects all the blood vessels in your body including the ones in the back of your eyes. Changes in blood sugar and even just having diabetes for a long time can cause them to leak and can lead to potential vision loss. We recommend that your eyes be dilated at least once to year to look for these changes and will be sure to send a letter to your primary care doctor updating them on your eyes.

Eye Diseases

If you’re more concerned about your vision than you are about textbooks on eye diseases, you’re not alone. We are pleased to tell you that our passion is expertise the on diagnosis and management of the many and exotically named eye diseases. That way you can focus on what matters -- your vision -- and let us take care of the rest. 

The eye is full of many small and intricate structures that help us see so amazingly well. Thorough and routine monitoring of all these pieces is super important since changes in the way we see isnt often how we figure out many eye problems. While the list of all the rare diseases is too long to go through, we explained a few of the more common ones below.

Glaucoma is typically an imbalance in how much fluid your eye produces and how much it drains. This eye pressure is totally different from your blood pressure but when it gets too high for too long it causes damage the optic nerves and cause you to lose side vision. Since the condition usually processes slowly it is not able to be seen from a patients perspective until its very advanced. Controlling the pressure with medications, as well as regular monitoring of the health of the optic nerve and the range of your side vision is critical to controlling glaucoma.  

Macular degeneration is something that doesnt usually happen to people until they are in their wiser years. In the back of the eye where it processes all the seeing we do, there is a buildup of waste products that shouldnt be there. This causes a gradual deterioration of vision in the dry kind of the disease and blood vessels to grow in and leak in the more advanced wet version. While some people mistake this type of degrading vision as getting older, its critical to control the condition to preserve sight. Treatments can vary from eye supplements and other preventative measures to eye injections and lasers. If this is a condition that runs in your family, eye supplements may reduce your chances of developing macular degeneration.

Keratoconus progressively affects the shape of the front of your eye. You may not have even found out about this condition until you came in for a consult for laser surgery. Sections of the clear part of the eye or cornea are not as strong as they should be and the pressure inside the eye causes it to bulge out create a cone like shape. Think of how bumpy the surface of a balloon becomes if you push your fist through it. The bumpy front surface limits how well you can see out of glasses or soft contact lenses. Specialty contact lenses (link to other page here) can create a new smooth surface and give you functional vision you need for your busy lifestyle. Corneal Cross Linking is a procedure that adds strength back to the cornea and can prevent progression. In very advanced cases, the tissue of the cornea may be so damaged that it needs to be replaced with a transplant.

Let our experts thoroughly evaluate your eyes and provide you with the answers to any other eye health questions you have.

Eye injuries - "Sore Eye Visit"

You may have found us by searching for something like “eye doctor for eye pain” or something similar. Or maybe you know about Hunter Vision because we’ve helped someone close to you. Either way, we are so glad you’re here. We don’t want your eye to bother you a moment longer than necessary, so come find out how to get some help. 

We are well equipped to handle all the urgent eye care that you can throw at us. From lid bumps and red goopy eyes to new flashes and cobweb like floaters our experts can find you the answers you need and often can work you in the same day. Call us to today for any new issue youve been experiencing.


Eye exams can sometimes seem like a necessary evil in order to get a new prescription each year. The truth is, if they seem that way to you, it may be time to get eye exams somewhere else. The annual exam possible for your eyes can be a helpful, vision-improving, and dare we say, enjoyable experience. This is the place to find out how eye exams can be a necessary good.

Not all eye exams are created equal and here at Hunter Vision we strive to give you the most thorough, personalized evaluation possible. Our 360° eye analysis includes an extensive health evaluation of the front and back of the eye, personalized prescription design and vision check, mapping of the corneal surface, macular degeneration risk testing and any other diagnostic testing recommended by our experts. At the end, well customize a treatment plan just for you including discussion of any refractive surgery options. We are also big into preventative eye health so dont be surprised if we ask you about how often you wear sunglasses or other supplements that affect your overall health.

If youre someone who also wear contact lenses or are interested in wearing contact lenses we also have a 360° eye analysis for CL wearers. It includes all the great things in our standard 360° plus a comprehensive evaluation of contact lens fit, functionality and related ocular health. We even include a follow up visit since your real-world feedback is so important to us. For more complex contact lens fits or if you need a full overhaul we design custom packages based on your individual needs.

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