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Enter for a chance to win LASIK from Hunter Vision!

Enter and save $650 on laser eye surgery in Orlando

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The Declaration of Dependence. It doesn’t exist. Since 1776, We The People have pushed through barriers, conquered the greatest challenges, and found ways around obstacles.

Freedom is American. Independence is American. Being dependent on glasses and contacts? Well let’s just say it isn’t consistent with those things we hold dear.

This is the season for celebrating independence and the freedoms we both have and pursue. To celebrate, we’re giving one Orlandoan a chance to win their freedom of sight with a LASIK procedure from Hunter Vision. Sign up today.

It’s Easy to Enter

Entering takes 30 seconds, and you get your $650 savings certificate instantly. Once you’ve done that, you can kick back and wait for the good news—or you could schedule a LASIK consultation and come in to find out if you’re a candidate.

Our LASIK consultation will reveal a ton about your eyes—and give you peace of mind that you’re a great candidate. Plus, we have ice-cold Coke waiting for you in the lobby. Really. It’s just there for the taking.

Get LASIK , support our troops.
If you’re a freedom-loving citizen (isn’t that everyone?), you might be interested to know that this year, we’re doing something new. For every LASIK procedure booked with a Freedom of Sight certificate, we’ll donate $100 to the USO in support of our troops. It’s like a win-win-win: save on LASIK, ditch your eyewear, and support our troops. You’re gonna feel great.

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Step 1: Sign Up

Enter for your chance to win a complete Hunter Vision LASIK procedure, valued at over $5,000! You’ll receive an exclusive LASIK savings certificate just for entering. The certificate is valid immediately, but the savings won’t last long.

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Step 2: say hey

Contact us to schedule your free LASIK consultation. It takes about 90 minutes and helps us determine if you’re a good candidate for vision correction surgery. You’ll have ample time to meet with a surgeon and get your questions answered.

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Step 3: Share it

Sharing this giveaway with friends and family is a great way to spread the love. We believe a life free of glasses and contacts makes it easier to live every moment, in the moment. We want that kind of possibility for everyone.

enter, and here’s what you get:

  • A chance to win a complete Hunter Vision LASIK procedure, including pre-operative analysis and post-operative care
  • An exclusive, limited-time Sight Certificate (valued at $650)
  • A free LASIK consultation to determine your candidacy
  • Access to our friendly and knowledgeable patient services team

Meet Richard, last year’s winner

LASIK Giveaway FAQ

Why should I enter to win laser eye surgery?

Well, the easy answer here is that you might win. Considering this giveaway is made specifically for those who live in the Central Florida area, your odds are pretty good. And if it so happens you just can’t wait to get LASIK before the winner is selected—and you end up being the winner—we’ll refund you the full price of your procedure. 

When and how will I find out if I won?

We get it—you’re feeling confident. And you’re probably already imagining how much more confident you’d feel if there weren’t two pieces of plastic in front of your eyes. To the question: we will announce the winner live on July 4th, 2017 at the Red Hot and Boom event in Altamonte Springs. Not going? We’re a little sad, but we promise to contact you by email or phone if you end up winning. 

How do know if I’m a candidate for LASIK?

Great question. There are some basic ways to determine if LASIK might be a good fit for you, but the best way to get a definite answer is to come in for a free LASIK consultation. Our consultation isn’t a screening—it’s a robust, all-inclusive diagnostic visit that will give you a crystal-clear picture of your candidacy.


Enter for your chance to win LASIK!

(And save $650 on vision correction, too.)

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