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The idea of using a miniature-sized contact lens to permanently correct even the most impressive glasses prescription isn't revolutionary, but the technology that now makes that possible for you certainly is. The 15-minute, easy procedure that you now have available to you is the result of decades of research in labs and clinical trials. Here's a glimpse of some details about how ICL technology has brought seemingly impossible ideas into the realm of possibility, and how it might do that for you.

Tiny-Sized Lens for Seeing a Big World

When you think of a lens designed to make your eye see better, it’s natural to think of the traditional contact lens you’ve seen a thousand times. This ICL, however, is much, much smaller than that. Eight of them could be spread out on a U.S. postage stamp without touching. Because of its diminutive size, an ICL can make the whole world clear, all the while remaining invisible to even the closest inspection of your eye.

Designed to Match Your Biochemistry

Collamer is a special medium designed to be the ideal material for a lens that is meant to work with your own biochemistry. You need a lens that will correct the vision and leave all the rest of your eye well alone. Made of mostly water and collagen, the natural design of collamer is an outstanding refractive surface that remains quiet in the eye, even repelling substrates that might otherwise collect on its surface.

Astigmatism Correction

Because of advances in surgical technique, the microscopic pathway created to place the ICL can be created in a way that will also correct astigmatism. One of the great advances we are glad to offer at Hunter Vision is the ability to avoid the normal two-step process (place an ICL and correct your astigmatism with LASIK several weeks later) and fix it all in one, all-inclusive, 10-minute procedure.

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