Justine Siergey OD

Dr. Justine L. Siergey OD specializes in hard to fit contact lens patients, including irregular cornea, post-surgical, and dry eye disease. She graduated from Pacific University College of Optometry and her training included six months of intensive ocular disease training at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute.

As an accomplished speaker, Dr. Siergey has given several industry presentation and lectures across the country and internationally on the fitting and management of contact lenses. She is also an active member of the Central Florida Optometric Society and American Academy of Optometry, amongst other professional associations, and has held the position of Co-Chair for the Central Florida Lighthouse Young Executive Committee since 2013. Dr. Siergey is a designated Fellow of the Scleral Lens Education Society and the Fellowship Chair of their international board.

Dr. Siergey was born and raised in Calgary, Canada. It is a frozen land far, far away from Orlando. Her journey from those icy plains to Central Florida wasn’t a straight shot. She chose a path which led through several of the best places on the continent, in order to become the best at what she does. Truthfully, even a straight shot would have been a long journey. Calgary is a 41 hour drive from Central Florida.

She moved to Oregon to pursue training in optometry. Like most folks who find their passion in life early, she excelled quickly. Unusually quickly. Dr. Siergey is so humble that she’d never point out that she was a prodigy. She said, “After Oregon I moved to Miami to work at Bascom.” Translation: she moved to there because she got a position at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute. Bascom Palmer is one of the most prestigious institutions in the world, and it is next to impossible to earn one of their super exclusive training positions.

From there, she moved to Central Florida. What brought her here? Dr. Jack Yager was in Orlando and offered her a job. Dr. Yager is a living legend in the optometry world — the man was the President of the American Academy of Optometry — and so honor of being asked to work with him as a sole partner was an easy choice. After he retired, she became a free agent and — because God is good — she agreed to join us at Hunter Vision because she likes how much focus we put on caring personally for people. That’s how she’s wired, too, so the joining of her world and ours was a perfect fit.

What makes Dr. Siergey special is that she is immensely gifted in what she does, but it doesn’t decrease in the slightest her drive to continue to refine her skill. She makes contact lenses work for patients who have been told by every specialist that contacts won’t ever work. She makes glasses work for patients who’ve hated every pair of glasses they’ve ever had. She is relentless, deliberate, and perfectionistic — and somehow she is also amazingly kind.

Dr. Siergey travels the world to teach other doctors how to do what she does with specific types of contact lenses. She’s the sub-specialist who trains the sub-specialists. In those rare moments when she’s not traveling and working, she has a few hobbies. She likes doing yoga, she likes spending time with her husband, and she really likes watching reality cooking shows. The jury is still out, however, on whether her husband feels the same about reality cooking shows.

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