Arthur C. Clarke once wrote that “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” There may be perhaps no better example of this than LASIK. The reason LASIK surgery has become almost synonymous with vision correction isn’t because of its dizzying complexity; it’s because all that precision makes getting the eyes you’ve always wanted so simple. When you have LASIK surgery at Hunter Vision, your results are designed to be miraculous based on a process that felt too easy to make that possible.

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How is Hunter Vision LASIK different?

Hunter Vision LASIK combines the 3D imaging collected in the unique and comprehensive LASIK Consult and the capabilities of the Wavelight EX 500 laser to maintain the natural 3D shape of your cornea during surgery. This thorough, 90-minute pre-surgery exam is able to detect the subtleties and nuances of your eye down to the micron level prior to the actual procedure. This allows your surgeon to view a uniquely complete picture of your eye before your customized correction is ever programmed into the laser. The more your surgeon knows about your eye health before your surgery, the better they are able to customize the best plan for you.

Can LASIK fix astigmatism?

Yes, modern LASIK can fix astigmatism, and it can do so with incredible accuracy. Despite this good news, the myth that LASIK isn’t for astigmatism continues to persist. In the early days, LASIK was not good at fixing astigmatism. Now that the technology has matured, today’s lasers can correct astigmatism with ease.

How accurate is this quiz, really?

We developed this vision quiz to be remarkably accurate. The goal is to intelligently guide you toward best procedure for your vision. But no online test can predict your candidacy with 100% accuracy (yet). Coming in for a vision consult is the only way to know for certain which procedure is right for you.