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Contact lenses are not one size fit all and taking all the proper measurements goes a long way in determining an ideal fit. We perform testing that measures the size, curvature and even thickness of your eye. Together with some questions about your lifestyle and hobbies we can select the best place to start. Once those first lenses are on your eye we’ll check how effectively they correct your vision and how they match up with the shape of your eyes. At that point if everything looks great we will ask you to test drive them at home.

Asking for your views and feedback is important to us since we know your drive home from work or day in front of the computer doesn’t always look like our eye chart. Checking you back after wearing lenses for several hours also allows us to see how the lenses affect the health and comfort of your eye. With tons of options and even fully customizable lenses available if you are motivated we can get your to where you want to be.

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