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It's very time consuming researching on what doctor to trust with your eyes. Luckily, I had a friend recommend Hunter Lasik and after my first (free) consultation, I canceled my other appointments with other doctors and booked my Lasik surgery for the following week with Hunter Lasik! All of the staff was very friendly and kind, not fake at all or trying to push a sale on me. I appreciate that. On the day of my surgery, they were sure to make me feel calm (that Valium definitely helped!) and they even put on music of my choice in the background. I chose Frank Sinatra as they performed the surgery, which was just a mere few minutes! Zero pain, zero irritation afterwards, and 20/15 vision, thanks to Dr. Eubanks' skill and expertise, along with the help of great staff. Highly recommend!

Alejandra Figueroa

via Facebook

Let me tell you, as apprehensive as I was about having eye surgery, what I didn't know is just how quick and easy the surgery is. I was able to see perfectly within hours and had absolutely zero complications. Dr. Hunter and his team did an excellent job of walking me through the process and to top it off- my eyesight has never been better.

Ed Schuckman

via Facebook

Thank you Hunter Vision for changing my life! Before you guys I was told that I wasn't a candidate for any surgery until I was 50! At 18, this was very upsetting to me. From the first moment I walked into Hunter Vision everyone was very friendly and reassuring. They walked me through every step and gave me all the information I needed for the ICL surgery. They answered every question I had and worked with my crazy schedule. On the day of the actual surgery the entire team was so amazing! Everyone was incredibly friendly and reassuring to a nervous patient! The surgery went really well and the changes were almost instantaneous! Hunter Vision has changed my life and I am truly truly grateful for everyone there!

Madeleine Kent

via Facebook

I could not be happier with my experience. Dr Eubanks was fantastic. On the day of the procedure, he could tell I was a bit nervous. He did a great job of reassuring me and talking me through every step so I'd  know what to expect during the entire procedure. He even played my favorite music for me. :) 

Mary Hennecke

via Google

The whole process from start to finish was exceptionally smooth and professional. Dr. Hunter is a true life changer and has surrounded himself with an outstanding support staff.

Chris Smaha

via Google

Dr Hunter explained things in terms I could understand and answered all my questions to a level of detail that reassured any concerns I had going into this. To be honest, my wife was actually more concerned about the surgery than I was and after sitting in on my consultation with Dr Hunter, she was excited for me to get my procedure scheduled. I had the SBK procedure a week later and it went just as he explained it would during my consultation. There was no pain during the procedure and it was very quick... I think I was only in the surgery suite for 7 or 8 minutes! I went in there not being able to see more than about a foot in front of my face and now I'm seeing 20/15 (better than 20/20)!!! If you are thinking of getting vision corrective surgery, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr Hunter!

Bill Gross

via Google

I can't find words to express how amazing everyone there is ! It was an awesome experience! I highly recommend to anyone planning to get lasik, anywhere else would be a poor choice. Hunter goes above and beyond.

Miz Rodriguez

via Google

I was very impressed with my experience on a recent visit to Hunter Vision. I was interested in the new 3D Lasik procedure. The Hunter Vision office and staff are "state of the art" and extremely professional. It had been years since my last eye exam. The exam I experienced was very impressive. There equipment and testing facility was first class . The staff was very informative and Dr. Hunter spent time with me answering all of my questions. I was not a candidate for the 3D Lasik , but I learned allot and had the most professional eye exam ever. I have referred 3 of my clients that have all had the 3D Lasik procedure. Each rave about there experience and the new vision that they now have and appreciate daily. I highly recommend Hunter Vision.

Kasey Whitmer

via Google

The whole team at Hunter Vision is great, super friendly and reassuring. I couldn't be happier with my new vision or the care I received.

Braelin S.

via Yelp

My husband FINALLY got his eyes fixed and couldn't be happier. The care and comfort and new life Hunter Vision provided is truly incredible. Thank you a million times to the team!

Lauren Y.

via Yelp

My husband got lasik at Hunter Vision this past weekend and let me tell you it was the most wonderful experience! The office is beautiful and very clean. Every employee is helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. Dr. Hunter was simply amazing. He helped both my husband and I understand the process, was honest and sincere, and made us both feel very comfortable. You can tell that everyone cares about their jobs and their patients. Everything was so well organized, which helped ease some of our nerves before the procedure. I would recommend Hunter Vision to anyone and have already sung their praises to everyone I know since this past weekend.

Brooke Sweeney Salemi

via Facebook

I was so blown away by how nice and friendly every person was from the moment you walked in the door. I got the pleasure to meet with Dr.Eubanks and he kind of sealed the deal for me and made my decision very easy. A week after my consultation it was procedure time. I was very nervous and excited all at the same time. The process itself was so easy and fast it was over before I knew it. Absolutely no discomfort, no pain and the next thing I knew I could see things I couldn't see before unless I had my glasses on. It was the best decision I made and deciding to go with Hunter vision was the best choice.

Krystal Stutz

via Facebook

I did a lot of research and was very nervous about getting LASIK. I chose Hunter Vision & they far exceeded my expectations!! One day post op and my vision is better than I ever could have hoped for!! 20/15! Dr. Hunter & his team did an amazing job and made sure I was comfortable and relaxed through the entire experience. For the first time in my life I can wake up and see the world clearly. I highly, highly recommend Hunter Vision!!

Emily West

via Facebook

Everything about my experience with Hunter Vision far exceeded my expectations!!! From the consult meeting to my day after follow up, everyone at Hunter Vision were extremely helpful. Oh yea... And my vision is unbelievable! I couldn't be any happier with the results! I was a little nervous going into the procedure but Dr. Hunter made it seem so simple no discomfort at all. Thank you so much to everyone at Hunter Vision for truly changing how I see the world!

Matthew Kenneth

via Facebook

Anyone dealing with glasses and contacts is insane to not at least get the free consultation. Dr. Hunter and his staff are amazing! Everyone spent enough time answering questions and explaining things so you don't feel rushed or pressured while you are there. It's only been two days since my surgery and I can see clearer than I could ever see with glasses. I chose the blended vision option and was a little nervous about it, but the results are remarkable because whether I'm driving or reading a book, I can see clearly without have to switch my regular glasses for reading glasses. I wish I had not waited so long!

Sunda Schreck Spall

via Facebook

Hunter Vision is beyond worth it! I just had the Lasik Eye Surgery yesterday and it's been the best descion I ever made. I had 20/800 vision, now only 1 day post op, have 20/15. The whole procedure is fast and painless, Dr. Hunter talked me thru the whole thing, he and his whole staff were extremely comforting, and reassuring. This place is clean, beautiful, and we'll worth the money. I would highly recommend to anyone.

Audra Bennett

via Google

Dr. Hunter and his staff are awesome. My eyesight is amazing!! It is so awesome to see without glasses or dealing contacts.. it is just one less thing you have to worry about. I would highly recommend Dr. Hunter and Lasik surgery!

Jace Heneveld

via Google

If you are thinking about having LASIK done with Dr. Hunter at Hunter Vision I wouldn’t think twice about it.  I did what most people probably do and read the reviews online.  They’re amazing, almost unbelievable because his clients give him the highest remarks.  I have looked at the reviews for most of the ophthalmologist in the state of Florida and no one is as praised as Dr. Hunter.  It gave me the confidence to go in for a consultation and at that time I realized what everyone is talking about.  The staff is extremely friendly, seem highly educated, and you feel like they genuinely care about you and your eyes and I know from this experience that they are a direct reflection of Dr. Hunter.  My father and brother had LASIK done 12 years ago and had success with it but todays technology and Dr. Hunters experience and knowledge make this one of the best places to have this procedure done.  I wanted to take the time and write this review because I know for me reading peoples testimonials put my mind at ease.  From the consultation to the surgery you are well informed of everything you will ever need to know.  I have one of the worst stigmatism’s you can have and was one pair away from glasses permanently.  Less than 24 hours after the procedure I went in for my follow-up and should have been reading 25/20 but was already reading 20/20 but more surprisingly 20/15! I never saw this well with contacts ha.  Also, I experienced no pain or discomfort during and after the procedure, nothing besides dryness which eye drops took care of. I am grateful to be able to see with my own eyes and you will be too.

Aaron Thomas

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