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Robin M.
“Had my Lasik done yesterday, 12/18. I honestly cannot express how amazing EVERY team member has been through this whole experience!! From the front desk staff, the surgery coordinator, the nursing staff prior to the procedure and of course, BOTH AMAZING Doc! BEST bedside manner...EVER!!!! I'm so happy I had it done!!!”
Alejandra F.
“It's very time consuming researching on what doctor to trust with your eyes. Luckily, I had a friend recommend Hunter Lasik and after my first (free) consultation, I canceled my other appointments with other doctors and booked my Lasik surgery for the following week with Hunter Lasik! All of the staff was very friendly and kind, not fake at all or trying to push a sale on me. I appreciate that. On the day of my surgery, they were sure to make me feel calm (that Valium definitely helped!) and they even put on music of my choice in the background. I chose Frank Sinatra as they performed the surgery, which was just a mere few minutes! Zero pain, zero irritation afterwards, and 20/15 vision, thanks to Dr. Eubanks' skill and expertise, along with the help of great staff. Highly recommend!”
Allison R.
“I recently had an allergic reaction to silicon hydrogen contacts which caused my eyes to be real irritated and inflamed. My vision was blurry and my eyes felt like sandpaper. I went to multiple doctors and NO ONE could figure it out. I was frustrated beyond belief. I just wanted to be able to see again without any irritation. My friend told me to check out Hunter Vision, and on the first visit they diagnosed my problem and quickly corrected it with some steroid/antibiotic drops. I haven't been able to wear contacts in months without irritation, but I'm now able to thanks to Dr. Siergey. The whole staff team is fantastic, the office is beautiful, and overall you just feel at home. I love how they keep up with you and call/text you even when youre not in the office. They make you feel like you matter. Thank you Dr. Siergey, Sani, Brian, Dr. Eubanks and the whole team! You all are incredible. Highly recommend.”
Vera C.
“5 yrs ago I got LASIK surgery both eyes with Dr Hunter. What a terrific staff and fantastic doctor. It’s not a “ cattle run” office as some are, it’s truly a caring staff and your definitely not rushed through and Dr Hunter is available 24/7. I went back and found I had to have cataract surgery both eyes. I found that the staff is still just as courteous and caring along with Dr Hunter. Both my LASIK surgery and cataract surgery went easy and calm and great experience again. I absolutely recommend Hunter Vision for all your eyes needs. From eye health/vision check ups to any surgery. The best quality of equipment and instruments used with high care of patients.”
Patti S.
“I had RLE in July. I have not worn my reading glasses since the surgery. My eyesight is what it was in my youth. The freedom I'm experiencing is phenomenal. My surgery has made a difference in my life every single minute of the more hunting for my glasses, seeing my dashboard clearly, and I've even changed the font on my phone back to normal size. These are just a few examples, the list is too long to acknowledge every aspect of my day that is now easier. I couldn't be happier with my decision, and I am forever grateful to Dr. Hunter for his professionalism, knowledge, and for making my surgery and journey stress free. I did my research, and Dr. Hunter and his wonderful staff did not disappoint. I highly recommend Hunter Vision. It will be one of the best decisions you'll ever make.”
Esha S.
“I had a great experience at Hunter vision. The staff is very friendly and are willing to accommodate with your schedule. I would recommend Dr. McCurry to anyone who is interested in getting lasik surgery. I went in horrified with the thought of my eyelids being clamped but after talking to Dr. McCurry, he helped me stay calm by explaining every detail of my procedure. He is very kind and considerate. He played music during my procedure and has also agreed to be my back up dancer ;) I would also like to acknowledge ophthalmic tech, Mariam A. she is very caring and was great at explaining post op instructions. I now have perfect vision and couldn't be happier! ”
Bethany M.
“everyone I've encountered here is great but Cody, Starr, and Dr. Eubanks are especially awesome! I just had LASIK done 3 hours ago and it was a great experience. if you are considering it, don't wait another second. I was nervous of course but they made it great. if I can do it, so can you!”
Alexandra M.
“I can’t say enough about this place! I got my sbk done in jan as an early birthday present and it was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I was really nervous but Dr. Hunter & his team were professional, informative and reassuring every step of the way. I recommend this place to everyone I know and even sometime ones I don’t lol. After wearing glasses for so long, I’m just always so excited to tell people about my experience here because it truly has changed my life. Thanks, Hunter Vision! I’d give you 10 stars if it was possible”
Bee C.
“I’ve been wearing glasses since the third grade. I remember because I was excited to get them. Since then, my life has been taken over by glasses and contacts. Did I pack an extra set of contacts, just in case one falls out? What about eyedrops in case they get dry? Better pack my glasses just in case. I couldn’t see my own face in the mirror without contacts. I finally decided to take the leap of faith and go to a free consultation to learn more about Lasik. I don’t think I was really serious about getting it done, because I was terrified, but curious so I went. They talked about the entire process with me, including the cost and all the details. They made me feel extremely comfortable and it was an easy decision for me. A week later, I had the procedure done and it was the best thing I’ve ever done. It was life changing and without a doubt the easiest procedure I have ever done, from the consultation all the way through to the post op. (They even played Sublime per my request while I was actually getting the procedure done which was pretty much the coolest thing ever). I wish I would have done it sooner, and once you do it you will too.”
Machella F.
“The procedure went great! Super easy and painless. Dr. Hunter and staff at Hunter Vision were awesome. Having my vision back without having to rely on glasses or contacts is amazing. I'm actually watching tv and can tell the time on the clock across the room with almost full clarity already and it has only been a few hours since the procedure. I'm so happy I did it and now wishing I would've done it sooner!”
Laurie G.
“There aren’t enough words to say thank you and the gratitude that I have for the staff, Dr Eubanks and Dr Hunter at Hunter Vision for your part in the RLE surgery I had to correct my vision. This is an elected surgery and can cause one to be apprehensive prior to the surgery but the explanations and information that was provided to me by the consultant Brian and staff as to what was going to take place before, during and after surgery was the absolute best. Dr Hunter kept me informed during the surgery as to what was happening next, that was very calming. I can’t say enough on how professional, pleasant and understanding this staff was.I am one grateful patient! ( and now the best part, I’m typing this with no glasses!)”
Syed K.
“I wore glasses and/or contacts for 19 years before I finally decided to get LASIK done. Dr. Hunter, Dr. Eubanks and the whole staff was amazing. The procedure was fast and literally painless with almost no discomfort. I could start seeing clearly immediately. I am a little over a month post op and I have no complications (minimal dry eye or night time halos). I cannot recommend LASIK and Hunter Vision enough! Truly life changing!”
Angela K.
“Dr. Hunter and Dr. Eubanks were both friendly, funny, and professional. I felt comfortable through the whole procedure and confident that I was under competent care. It's only been one day and my vision is already as good as it ever was with glasses. I researched several places and definitely recommend Hunter Vision over any other facility in Central Florida.”
Brooke M.
“AMAZING!! Had a consultation on Wednesday, had the procedure the following Tuesday. I can't recommend this place enough! Highly professional, GREAT bedside manner, and the results!!! 20/15 vision just as Dr. Hunter said it would be! Thank you Dr. Hunter for freeing me of my glasses, and thank you Huntervision team for your professional, courteous service!!”
Christy A.
“I’ve had lasik recently through hunter vision and am still in awe of how well I can see. It’s truly amazing to be able to see so much detail. I find myself taking everything in sight. Thank you hunter vision! You have such an amazing staff and excellent doctors!”
Pilly M.
“I have been wearing contact lenses for most of my life. I finally got the nerve to look into LASIK and decided to go with Hunter Vision. I am so glad I did!!! Dr. Hunter and Dr. Eubanks were amazing. The coolest part after the surgery is that I was able to relax at home and watch Netflix right away (Doctors orders lol). The next day I was 20/15 and was able to drive away from the appointment.I went on vacation a few weeks later and I will tell you this, if I had waited to get surgery after my vacation, it would have been a total bummer. Doing the surgery before the hard earned R&R made seeing all of the sites amazing.In short, my biggest regret was waiting this long in my life to do it. Don't be me, don't wait any longer, just do it!”
Leslie J.
“Hunter Vision is amazing. They are a great team of employee's that "truly" want the best for their patients. They are kind, they listen to every question, never rush you. Always on time. Dr. Hunter did my PRK procedure, and I can honestly say with out a doubt he did a phenomenal job- I have some health issues, and have seen my fair share of Dr's and their offices. This place is truly one of the best I've ever stepped foot in! And! The best part! I love my results!!”
Kathryn K.
“Hunter vision is 5 star! I decided to get lasik last year after a year of making and appointment and pushing it off. The staff was beyond accommodating with their care - they even provided a hand holder while I was in surgery! I saw both doctors but Dr Hunter completed my surgery. I was extremely nervous but both him and his staff walked me through every little step he made during the procedure which was comforting. Not only was the process a breeze but their office was beautiful. Their equipment was top of the line and their surgery room is all glass so anyone with you can actually watch the whole process (I have mine on video). Anywho, I highly recommend Hunter Vision!”
Andrea W.
“I had a great experience working with Mat; who coordinated the surgery, had it moved up due to my own urgency and was able to assist in helping me use my FSA to help pay for it. The nurses were great that prepared you for the surgery and post surgery. Dr. Eubanks did an excellent job in having you feel no pain, talked with you the whole time, keeping you calm and very comfortable going through the procedure. Btw: he has a great singing voice and he was even was willing to sing during the surgery (at my request). Great staff and a good experience for someone who came in a bit scared to have eye surgery. Thank you everyone!”
Steph L.
“I had SBK done this past Friday (3/8/19). Dr. Eubanks was amazing! He walked me through the procedure and kept me calm before, during, and after the procedure. Cody, my patient counselor, worked with me prior to my procedure in setting up appointments, discussing financing, etc. The entire staff is awesome!I am a teacher, so getting out of glasses and contacts was high priority! Explaining to my kinders that I was having “lasers shot in my eyes,” my kiddos now think Dr. Eubanks is Iron Man! :) I recommend Hunter Vision to anyone looking for LASIK services! You will not regret it!”
Ashley P.
“Dr. Hunter and his entire staff are the epitome of professionalism. Everyone I interacted with was friendly and knowledgeable. The initial exam was so thorough and they never made me feel rushed or pressured. They answered every single one of my questions, which took away a lot of the fear for me. The procedure itself was tremendously easy, quick, and painless. Dr. Hunter explained everything he was doing step by step, and joked and sang to keep me calm and relaxed. Their instructions for after care were very specific, easy to follow, and helped to ensure proper healing. It is amazing living without glasses and I can’t thank Dr. Hunter enough for his tremendous work.”
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