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About Refractive Lens Exchange

The idea that youth is wasted on the young may be due for an upgrade. You may still love doing the same things you did 20 years ago, but feel like your eyes have stopped enjoying the same stuff. Here’s a chance to let them catch up to you again. A single lens, less than a millimeter thick, can restore easy, glasses-free vision so that you can focus on fulfilling your passions. You’ve lost that ability because of your natural lens’ aging; so set back the clock.

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Why would RLE be recommended to me instead of LASIK?

When the lens inside your eye is going to prevent you from getting the results that you’re looking for with LASIK, your best path forward is to fix the lens itself. LASIK only works on the cornea, so the result would be mediocre at best. At this stage, your lens is getting cloudy and stiff. This reduces clarity and makes focusing up close difficult—even with LASIK. That’s why RLE is likely a good fit for you.

How accurate is this quiz, really?

We developed this vision quiz to be remarkably accurate. The goal is to intelligently guide you toward best procedure for your vision. But no online test can predict your candidacy with 100% accuracy (yet). Coming in for a vision consult is the only way to know for certain which procedure is right for you.