Why would RLE be recommended to me over LASIK?

When the lens inside your eye is going to prevent you from getting the results that you’re looking for with LASIK, your best path forward is to fix the lens itself. This can be because your results with LASIK wouldn’t last long (because the lens is getting cloudier) or because focusing up close after LASIK would be too difficult (because the lens has become too stiff and stuck in the distance.)

What is the intra-ocular lens that fixes the vision made out of?

Almost always it is made out of acrylic, though some silicone IOLs exist. We only use acrylic IOLs at Hunter Vision. This acrylic material has not been observed to cause allergic reaction in tens of millions of cases since it was first introduced into the eye over a half a century ago.

Will I need to have RLE or another cataract surgery repeated later?

No! This question is one of the best questions you can ask because the answer is fun to hear. RLE is permanent and the eye cannot develop cataracts at any point in the future. The cataract problem is solved for life.

Why is RLE more expensive than LASIK?

While RLE is done in the office, the only way to do it perfectly is to have a fully functioning operating room and staff that differs from what you’d find in a hospital only in that is more specialized for lens surgery.
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