What you think about us is more important than what we think about us. While the facts you can find throughout this website are helpful, we know nothing is as reassuring as hearing firsthand from people who were in your shoes just a few months ago. These people, now our friends, are all so deeply happy they made this choice. Here are some of their stories.

Nicolina After LASIK Surgery


It feels good to be surprised by a change for the better. Nicolina tells us about how her LASIK experience has changed her life.

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Gail had perfect eyesight her whole life—until she needed reading glasses. Tired of having to choose between bad vision or ugly eyewear, Gail opted for Refractive Lens Exchange and never looked back.

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Sharon after Refractive Cataract Surgery


Cataracts were robbing Sharon of the ability to see her world in clear, vivid color. It wasn’t until she had Refractive Cataract Surgery that she realized what she was missing out on.

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Lucia after Refractive Cataract Surgery


After Lucia’s family had vision correction, she decided to explore her options. Now, after her Refractive Cataract Surgery, Lucia sees the world in a new light.

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Lindsey was tired of hassling with glasses. She faced her fears of getting LASIK with confidence—only to realize her fears were completely unfounded.

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Jason loves building motorcycles. See how LASIK was able to correct his astigmatism, help him overcome headaches from eye strain, and boost his confidence as an entrepreneur.

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Dana after LASIK



Dana was tired of squinting at everything. She decided to get LASIK, a cat, and treat herself to a whole lot of nothing—which can sometimes be the best thing.

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Erica after LASIK


Erica wasn’t a good candidate for LASIK, but was a great candidate for Visian ICL. Follow Erica as she experiences her first travel adventure without glasses!

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Ashely after LASIK


Ashley was one of the first to get LASIK from us. We caught up with her a handful of years later to see how her corrected vision has altered her life.

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Justin after LASIK


Justin Joseph is a firefighter and family man. His work with the Mascotte, Florida fire department made it difficult to wear glasses. Lucky for him, Justin’s wife brought him to see us and gave him the “wow” gift of LASIK! 

Explore Justin’s Story

Richard after LASIK


Meet our Great American Vision Giveaway winner, Richard Karowski. He’s a glasses-wearing family man and a theme park enthusiast. Now that Dr. Hunter has corrected Richard's vision, his glasses will no longer cramp his poolside vibes. 

Explore Richard’s Story

Morgan after LASIK


Our very own technician Morgan Bucher had her LASIK procedure with Dr. Joel Hunter. We caught up with Morgan right before and immediately afterward to get her take on the process — nerves and all.

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