We didn’t assemble this team for us—they’re here for you. We filled our offices with the “special ops” of  laser eye surgery so that you can reap the true freedom of sight only a high-performance team can deliver.

Founder / Refractive Surgeon

Dr. Hunter founded Hunter Vision with Josh Hunter and Kate Romano in 2010. He likes to explain things in ways that people would understand them best. Because of that, he’s the main ghostwriter for hunter.vision and regular writer of blogs.

Medical Director / Refractive Surgeon

Dr. Eubanks joined Hunter Vision in 2015 and the world has been better since then. He loves patients and loves working at Hunter Vision. He has the rarest combination of gifts: brilliant medical expertise and a genuine heart for the people that can benefit from it.

Director of Optometry

Dr. Siergey is so brilliant that she makes her work seem easy. The only way we can be sure of how difficult it is to practice optometry at her level is how amazing her results are, even for exceptionally tough cases. Usually, prodigious intellectual gifting is paired with social difficulties. No one ever told her that apparently, because she is one of the most easy going, fun people ever.

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