Vision correction procedures in Orlando, FL

When it comes to our eyes and our health we all want the very best available. We know that vision correction is not inexpensive, but we also know that its value is incredibly high.


LASIK at Hunter Vision combines the 3D imaging collected in the unique and comprehensive Vision Correction Consultation and the capabilities of our excimer laser to maintain the natural 3D shape of your cornea during surgery.

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Lens Replacement

The idea that youth is wasted on the young may be due for an upgrade. You may still love doing the same things you did 20 years ago, but feel like your eyes have stopped enjoying the same stuff. Here’s a chance to let them catch up to you again.

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Cataract Surgery

Take comfort in the serendipity that wisdom and cataracts may have arrived at the same time. You’ve probably seen the words of The Serenity Prayer that — right there at the end — characterize wisdom as the ability to know the difference between the things you can and cannot change.

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Your vision consultation

Your journey begins with our Virtual Consultation: a simple phone call or video chat with the doctor. The cost is a few minutes of your time. The benefit is the chance at a lifetime of visual freedom.

About the Vision Consultation

Dr. Joel Hunter

Joel Hunter MD is the founder of Hunter Vision. He’s a board-certified ophthalmologist and Orlando LASIK surgeon. He is fellowship-trained in cornea and refractive surgery. His specialties are refractive laser-assisted cataract surgery, LASIK, and dry eye issues.

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