For every experience in life that we’ll always remember — experiences so wonderful and significant that we can’t forget them — there are a thousand nearly-insignificant details that made it possible. As you journey through LASIK, we focus meticulously on those details so that you can do something truly extraordinary and enjoy your experience.


The reason LASIK has become almost synonymous with vision correction isn’t because of its dizzying complexity; it’s because all that precision makes getting the eyes you’ve always wanted so simple. When you get LASIK at Hunter Vision, your results are designed to be miraculous based on a process that felt too easy to make that possible.

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RLE, or Refractive Lens Exchange, challenges the idea that youth is wasted on the young. You may still love doing the same things you did 20 years ago, but feel like your eyes have stopped enjoying the same stuff. Here is a chance to let them catch up to you again. 

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Cataract Surgery

Take comfort in the serendipity that wisdom and cataracts may have arrived at the same time. In a wonderful turn of events, the ability to change how perfectly you see without glasses for both reading and distance after cataract surgery has been moved by technology from the “cannot” list, over to the list of things you can change.

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